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We can provide a comprehensive solution to support students with stress

By empowering teens to develop resiliency skills, we help them manage stress and pressure. By increasing school-based and community resources, we ensure that every teen has access to care.

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The Bridge To Learning Foundation

Our goal is to partner with digital platforms that want to provide social and emotional learning support activities to satisfy the needs of students. Working with the Kids Revolution program, we help to introduce students to activities that get them physically active. This helps to reduce screen time and the isolation that could impact a child’s behavior. 

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We’ve been serving the community since 2007, working with various community efforts to support the less fortunate.

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Help us bring the help to students all over the globe, and change the way we educate generations of childern across the country and the world.

One of our brand partners "Kids REVOLUTION"

Are you concerned that too much screen time and isolation impacts your child’s behavior? 

Would You like your child to …… Be in a better mood? Reduce argumentative talk ? Be more confident socially? Reduce Reactive Behaviors? Do better in school?

Finally, Kids Revolution is providing a way to use technology for their good.